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"Role Reversal"Pamela, New York, NY

It was my child’s first year in the 4th-5th grade musical. A teacher took me aside. My daughter was having trouble learning a number. Since I had been a dancer, could I help her learn the steps? When we got home that afternoon I asked my daughter if she’d like to go over the piece with me. She resisted at first, but then changed her mind. It didn’t take very long for her to get it. All she needed was a little extra time. Later she thanked me and went on to be a dancer much in demand in her high school’s Choreolab program.

I am almost 60 now. I have seen my abilities diminish in the dance studio so it is not really any fun anymore, but through my daughter, I have gotten into rock climbing. I am a rank beginner, but it is the first exercise I have felt passionate about since I left dance. My daughter is an expert. She has given me advice about taping my fingers, climbing shoes and proper clothing, and the different types of climbing there are. She is my mentor, my guide and, when I go to a climbing gym with her, my spotter.

As I get older, it’s nice to know my kid has my back.