For the past twelve years, photographer Ali Smith has been documenting women’s lives. The result is Momma Love: How the Mother Half Lives, a riveting look at the highs and lows of modern motherhood.

Some of the women you’ll meet in Momma Love:

Oscar nominated actress AMY RYAN, who reveals what it’s like to mother in image and youth obsessed Hollywood KITTY STILLUFSEN, who proudly chose to have a child with her two gay best friends rather than settling for a “baby daddy” DIANA COLBERT, determined to parent her two-year-old well during her own battle with a terminal illness SOPHIE CURRIER, whose Supreme Court victory over her right to breastfeed changed laws in the workplace PATRINA FELTS, an African-American woman trying to raise 2 adoptive sons of different races equally in a world full of inequality.

These passionate stories are bound by a respect for the job of motherhood and a belief that the health and well being of ALL mothers is crucial for a healthy society. Momma Love is not only about the love a mother shows. It’s about the love she is shown, by herself and the world around her.


About the author

photo © Amber DeVo

photo © Amber DeVos

 ALI SMITH has lived many lives: as a ballet dancer, a touring and recording rock musician, and as a photographer whose personal work is concerned with the quality of the lives of women. She has been profiled on the Oxygen Network, interviewed on television and radio, and featured in magazines and newspapers internationally. Ali’s photography has been exhibited at The International Center of Photography (ICP), and she has spoken about her work as an artist and an author at colleges and institutions throughout the US. She lives with her photojournalist husband and their son in New York City. Momma Love is her second book.